Friday, 9 November 2018

Photos - angles and perspectives

Taken from above
I used birds in my backyard for this week's play with angles and perspectives. And I tempted them with see so they'd put up with my crawling around and being crazy!

I usually snap a bird shot whenever and however I can because they rarely stay still long enough for me to fuss and bother!

But when they're being fed, it gives you more time to play.

Taken from on the ground
I think I get a much better photo from being at the same level as the bird, for each of these shots.

The Sulphur-crested Cockatoo seems to be staring more directly at the camera when I'm on its level, and there seems to be more of a connection between the bird and the photo.

With the Rainbow Lorikeets, there's so much more vibrancy and colour in the image where I'm almost  lying down.

Taken from above
I think I need to choose my feeding places better to get better photos, but for a start, these were an interesting exercise.

I think one of my life lessons is to learn patience. Photography certainly is helping me learn that!

Do you have any bird photography tips?

Taken from on the ground

Friday, 2 November 2018

Photos - angles and perspectives

Following on from last week, here are a few more photos looking at perspectives and angles.

Hopefully I'll be onto the lesson soon and will have more to say on it, and maybe more pictures! Rather than just me playing to see what happens :)

Near to the boat ramp, at Boat Harbour, Gerringong, NSW south coast, there are a heap of 'stones' on the beach. I roamed along there and took these shots.

The landscape shot is the first I took. I wanted to get the run of rocks and that textured feel in the image, so I got down low and took the image along the top of the stones. It was afternoon and so the shadows were there, so I tried to get them at the edge of the frame so I could crop them out easily. I happened to notice the orange colour on the stone on the LHS foreground, which threaded through the shot in other stones, but I couldn't quite get down low enough to get more of it in the shot.

So then I tried a portrait image to see how that worked. I came back a bit further trying to catch more of the orange I'd got at the edge earlier. It didn't quite work.

But I can see how I could make the photos better...but by now the rocks will have all changed positions :)

I'll have to work on these sort of shots more.

Do you play with shots like this?

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