Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Untamed Destinies


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Sometimes, love is inescapable

Snuggle up, relax, and prepare to fall in love as you journey through three of the most romantic tales you might ever experience!

Untamed Destinies is the brand-new romance anthology from bestselling authors, Beth Prentice, Kim Petersen and Catherine Evans.


The Ivory Veil by BETH PRENTICE ~ Sweet
Wildflower by KIM PETERSEN ~ Sexy
Storm Struck by CATHERINE EVANS ~ Sweet

Untamed Destinies is 3 uniquely different novellas, with differing heat levels, and different genres, but at the core of them all is finding your soul mate.
Catherine Evans writes a gorgeous rural romance, Kim Petersen drifts into the mystical world of paranormal, and Beth Prentice pens a sweet romance with a touch of mystery. Together we've created a book where the reader can escape into diverse worlds with contrasting styles, and hopefully discover their next favourite author.

The Ivory Veil:

Does Grandma really know best?

Gracie Saunders loves her job at The Ivory Veil Bridal Boutique. She loves matching the perfect dress to the perfect bride, and she loves how the veil can show a woman what a bride really looks like. But when the boutique is bought by the one man she hates, suddenly her life is turned upside down.

Throw in a long-standing family feud, a mysterious wedding gown, and the blurred lines between love and hate, and Gracie finds herself in the middle of a web of complications.

Can she separate her feelings long enough to see what's real? Or will she be out of a job and single forever?


When it's real, can you walk away?

Arie is happy - life is good and she wants for nothing. That is, until she flies to New York city and discovers a soul connection so deep, she can't look away.

Charly is everything Arie never knew she wanted - he opens her mind to a beautiful soul dance that takes her so high, her world begins to unravel beneath her feet as she is faced with confronting reality.

The problem? They're both married, but that's not all.

Can Arie risk everything for a love deeper than anything she ever wanted, or will the dream die along with the truth?

Wildflower is a standalone paranormal romance. If you like forbidden romance, angst, and books you just can't put down, you'll love bestselling author Kim Petersen's steamy paranormal romance.

Storm Struck:

You'll fall head over heels in love after catching a storm while running.

New to town, in a stressful job, Tamara Hancock jogs daily for her sanity. When she comes across a riderless horse, memories of her childhood flood back, including her grandmother's odd prediction.

Rob Richmond wasn't paying attention when his horse, Storm, dumped him into the ocean. With a suspected broken collarbone and ankle, he's not sure how he'll get home until Storm arrives with a woman who is part guardian angel, part Amazonian warrior, and all horse whisperer.

Tamara is difficult to work out. Sometimes funny, sometimes feisty, always skittish.

Can Tamara work through the pain of her past, and find hope for a future? Is Rob the man who can earn Tamara's trust and her love?

A sweet rural story of 19 000 words. 

All up, 65 000 words of destined romance.

Monday, 28 January 2019

CFS: chronic fatigue vs tired

I'm on an upswing in the CFS journey and so I thought I'd try to document it - in case I need inspiring later on!

All of 2017 I was low. I had no voice, ear issues (right ear muffled, left ear sharp), complete exhaustion, so many things seemed to be wrong with me - and yet no one could help. I spent ages at Dr and specialists and then I gave up - I had no energy and I wasn't wasting it on hopeless attempts to be well, and many times, feeling worse due to doctors' senseless comments (like, "do you overly worry about your health?").

Towards the end of 2017 I dragged myself to an acupuncturist I picked out of Google. I picked her because she dealt with women's fertility issues...and I figured menopause was messing with my CFS. Not exactly the same thing, but it felt better than going to the acupuncturist who specialised in geriatrics (even if that was how I was feeling!).

I had my voice back in a few weeks. I also had the muck that had been on my chest for months and months (maybe years) clear up.

Muck on your chest should be something western medicine should fix - or at least I thought so. But if it's yellow or green, antibiotics work. If it's white (like mine was) antibiotics do nothing. I know because after some time of just believing the doctor, I insisted on proving that antibiotics did nothing. He was right. I insisted on trying puffers - they helped me breathe but didn't fix the problem. In Chinese medicine, white muck is old infection. There's a herb to clear it up, plus some acupuncture points to use - they worked. Not just on me, but dad too.

So, I've been going to her for about 14 months now (the same time as I had no voice) and I keep improving. It's such a shock.

The other day, I thought I'd done it. I thought I'd set myself back. See, I went to Sydney on Monday, by train, but still it's a big trip (3 hours each way on the train) and I had a sore hip. I pulled a muscle in it a week earlier. So sitting in the train, and walking, wasn't the smartest thing, but I went anyway. Then Wednesday I went to my classics book group and did the groceries afterwards. This is another day out without exercising my hip or doing the ice/heat thing, plus lots of sitting. Add to this I have work to do (that I've just skipped 2 days of) and a book to launch, and more writing I want to do. So I'm worried that I've pushed too far outside my energy envelope. That I've chucked pacing out the window - again - and I'm going to pay with the CFS crash/relapse.

I came home with the groceries, and I put them away. I didn't think, I just did it. I cooked dinner. I had a cold drink. I did a bit of work, and hip exercises, and ice/heat. When Pete got home I told him how tired I was and that I'd overdone it. I sat up for a bit, and then at 8.30 pm, I went off to bed.

I got up the next morning and as part of my morning ritual, I journal about the previous day. I wrote all this, and as I did, I realised something.


Sleep rejuvenated me.
I had put away the groceries.
I had cooked dinner.
I had functioned even when I was tired.


When I'm CFS tired, I can't do anything more. Or if I do, I drag myself to do the barest minimum. So, in the past, I would come home with the groceries and I'd be exhausted. The cold things woudl get put into fridge/freezer, and that would be it. I'd sit down, have a cold drink and a rest. Maybe I'd tackle the rest later, maybe it would wait until tomorrow. I had never, ever, had a cold drink while I put things away. I had never backed up by cooking dinner too. And I'd never done work and exercise and health things. And I had never woken up rejuvenated.

I'm tired, meant just that.

So far, I haven't had to pay the price for doing things.

I know a few months back that I noted I was enjoying life again. I felt joy, happiness, hope. These were things I hadn't felt for a very long time.

Now, I felt tired, I went to bed and I woke up refreshed.

These might sound so ordinary...but to me, they're life changing. They're worth writing about. Worth celebrating. Worth shouting to the rooftops - except I don't want to jinx it, so I'll just blog quietly! And I'll keep my fingers crossed that this isn't just a fly-by-night occurrence and that I might have some time of this joyful recharging living.

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